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How to maximise your LinkedIn profile in ten easy steps

Love social media or loathe it, LinkedIn is the place to network, especially in these strange socially distant times we are living in. If you have a spare thirty minutes, it is worth building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

With over 760 million registered users, LinkedIn offers a wide range of potential networking solutions for SME’s and start-ups that know how to navigate its many channels. The age-old saying of ‘you never have a second chance to make a first impression’ is true when it comes to LinkedIn.

After all, it is where your clients, investors, and partners (and let’s face it former colleagues and university mates) come to view you and where new business contacts and potential new clients can find you.

Even the eternal optimist, glass half full person knows that 2021 will have its own economic and business challenges but to help you in 2021, here are ten tips to help you stand out from the crowd.


1. LinkedIn profile

Keep your profile current and revisit it on a regular basis. Take time to complete all the sections read it in detail and ensure it reads well and is interesting. Based on the information, ask yourself, would you do business with yourself?


2. First impressions count

Profile picture

Your profile picture is your calling card on LinkedIn – it’s how people are introduced to you and (inquisitive beings that we are) a good first impression is key. Use a photograph that demonstrates your personality and you need not be suited and booted. Don’t overthink it but make sure the picture is recent and looks like you!


Background photo

Your background photo is the second visual element at the top of your profile page, so don’t ignore the opportunity to demonstrate your personality or showcase your brand. It’s a chance to grab people’s attention, set the context and show more about what matters to you. Use a background photo that helps you stand out. You could consider having a company logo, image that demonstrates your personal brand or have a bespoke background photo created to contain your business contact details. Hybrid Marketing can help with this.


3. Grow your network

LinkedIn is your personal database. Spend time growing your network by liking and commenting on posts as well as inviting new people you meet to join your LinkedIn network. You can also sync your profile with your email address as this enables LinkedIn to suggest like-minded professionals to connect with.


4. Recommendations

While recommendations on TripAdvisor have been rather limited this year, LinkedIn recommendations haven’t.  These testimonials can strengthen both your brand and provide credibility and trust for both yourself and business. Ensure you have good, recent recommendations to attract prospective clients and investors. Why not reach out to relevant connections and ask for a recommendation?


5. Share relevant content

Share content regularly as this helps others to amplify their messages and enables you to show your connections what your interests and passions are. Moreover, it is a good chance to share news articles and business content which are relevant to your audience and ideal clients who you want to target.


6. Engage

Sharing is the first part to allowing you to enhance your ability as an influencer by getting involved in conversations. Add comments, raise your profile and have a voice. LinkedIn is all about personality and interaction. It is a good way to demonstrate your expertise too by offering advice.


7. Follow credible influencers

Identify key influencers – follow them – share their content to add value. There are key business people, entrepreneurs and industry experts that you can follow.  Some of the most popular include Richard Branson, James Caan CBE, James Watt, Ben Francis, Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and Adrianna Huffington.


8.Publishing post

Content really is king. Don’t miss the free opportunities to publish. Use the publishing feature to write content and blogs to your audience. There is functionality to add images too, which could be useful to further promote

your business. Publishing your own unique content on LinkedIn is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and build your credibility. Need some help? Specialist content writers at Hybrid Marketing can suggest content and even ghostwrite it for you.  Status updates can be used for shorter content updates and are effective when used with a link to your website.


9. # Hashtags

Like twitter, hashtags are popular on LinkedIn and help you leverage your content. If you are not sure of the trending hashtags on LinkedIn, suggestions are provided. Don’t overdo it with the hashtags though, as a maximum of five is currently recommended, otherwise LinkedIn algorithms’ may pick up your content as spam.


10. Use keywords

Improve your chances of being found through a LinkedIn or Google search by using keywords in your job title and descriptions. These tips will help you stand out. Just remember to regularly revisit your profile, just like you do with your favourite pub or coffee shop to keep them in business!


Keep your profile current, continuously grow your network and share content. If you need support with your LinkedIn profile, or content creation to engage with your target audience contact me, minesh@hybrid-marketing.co.uk or on 0800 774 7629